Amazing experience on gulet

Hey friends, I am back to turkey visit and want to share my beautiful experience with you. I fixed my whole journey on curies and believe me it was an amazing experience. I have taken a flight to turkey from my place after arriving there I contact to my trip planner. He sent a taxi to Dalaman airport and then we moved to the destination.

On a very beautiful beach we hired a private gulet cruises for accommodation of ten people and start our trip to Bodrum. We spent twenty days on the cruise and enjoyed a lot. The most delightful and amusable place on gulet was deck and another thing which I like most was Turkish food. Every day they served a different delicious dish to us.  Last day of my trip was very special because the director of gulet cruises turkey organized a party for all visitors.   


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Croatia: plan a trip and enjoy your life

Croatia is a republic country consist of many islands with full of beauty. I have visited Croatia with my family since last year in autumn. This session is best for visit and enjoy the country‘s weather. Mediterranean is most attractive location or Croatia which I liked most.

Very attractive and beautiful beaches are best place to diving and sailing into the sea. Under water diving is an innovative way to enjoy marine life. In other words I can say Croatia is next to haven on the earth. Gulet cruises Croatia is the most excellent way to make your trip adventures.

People have some misconception that floating journey is very expensive and not safe. But is only hummer by those people who never come out and enjoy life. It is my own experience and advice that visits with gulet cruises turkey is very enthusiastic.

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Some interesting gossips on gulet curses

Hello friends, Lets share some interesting facts related to gulet curies. Gulet cruises are as old as Turkish history, these vessels were using by the fisherman and powered by motor. But today it is the center of attraction for visitor, by the time many modifications has taken place but still the infrastructure of gulet cruises is native. Gulet basically developed with the accommodation for four peoples but as requirement increases as it has become huge, recently 12 to 16 members can enjoy the gulet ride comfortably. I spent three days on gulet curies with full of fun and entertainment. The best part on gulet was, every required thing was available on gulet cruises turkey which is related to either entertainment or for relaxation. Library on the gulet was awesome, many interesting novels were there to read, game zone was very entertaining with latest satellite video games and casino games I enjoyed lots on the gulet cruises.

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Best holiday destination turkey

Holidays are coming, are you watching for a holiday destination?? I will suggest you to depart for turkey. Turkey is best holiday destination for fun, it’s my own experience. Many tourist agencies offer holiday package with best accommodation. They also offer gulet cruises for turkey visit. Gulet is a traditional wooden vessel with living facilities. Stay on cruise during the trip is amazing experience for outsiders. But make sure when you are planning for turkey trip first apply for a tourist visa. Tourist visa is provided by the Turkish government maximum for maximum ninety days. Turkey is an island covered by oceans and mountains. It is the best place for tracking and diving, and it’s good to know that both are available on gulet. gulet cruises turkey  visit is one of the best experience of my life, I want to go another time for fun.

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